Car Crash BMW X6 Crashed by Carwash Employee

An employee of one of Minsk’s car washes decided to drive around in a customers BMW X6. While driving at around 110km/h, he lost control of the car and crashed into a tree. The driver didn’t have a driving licence and was drunk, later registering 1.78 per mille of alcohol in his blood.

According to this Belarusian website, he will receive a big fine, lose his job, have to pay for the repairs and the local police will open a criminal case against him for stealing the SUV.

Car Crash BMW X6 Crashed by Employee Carwash 01

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  1. haji. the car wash, the business’s insurance will have to pay. if not. the business has to pay. since he was working at the time. the most that can be done to him is to be fired. unless the law there is different or something

  2. peter… 110 kph can be low.. when it comes to “lose control” you lose almost everything .. Suspension, joint rod, chassis back n front is a sure loss…


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