Car Crash McLaren F1 100,000 Euro Damage

The blue McLaren F1 shown on the pictures crashed Friday afternoon on the B48 near exit Bendorf towards Trier in Southern Germany.

Despite a fierce braking track, the supercar hit another car in front of him. The result was 100,000 Euro damage at the front of the vehicle. The driver was not injured and picked up by a Mercedes SL AMG with English plates. The F1 was transported to a company near the famous Nürburgring for further investigation.

Car Crash McLaren F1 100,000 Euro Damage 01

Car Crash McLaren F1 100,000 Euro Damage 02

[Via Rhein-Zeitung]

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  1. The wiper design that way.

    The driver probable started to accelerate to pass the other car front of it. And it was just too fast for the driver.
    Why always idiotes drive good cars??

  2. Is not “idiots” can drive? … have you ever driven a sports car? driving a car over 600HP can be tricky … 99.9% of the population don’t qualify to drive a Supercar.

  3. my dad and i were in his mclaren and we narrowly avoided a deer that hopped into the middle of the road. that would have sucked if we hit it.

  4. I think the car was little lucky because itsn’t get a big crash, it’s not ecrased but we see just the lights are broken, and the left-front part are damaged! The car has very good resisted but the result of a Carbon-fiber car crash is too expensive :(


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