Lexus LFA Nürburgring At The 'Ring!

The latest news that has come in from Germany concerns an accident that happened on B-road 410 near the Nürburgring race track in Germany. In a head-on collision between the recently spied Lexus LFA Nürburgring Track Edition and two test drivers in a BMW, Toyota’s chief test driver, 67-year-old Hiromu Naruse died. The two people inside the BMW survived the crash, but suffered major injury and were taken to hospital.

Police were investigating the scene this afternoon, as you can see in the video below.


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  1. All their claims to focus on safety and their flag ship car cant even save a the life of its tester? stay away from toyota, support YOUR country’s economy buy AMERICAN!!!

  2. ZINN you’re a moron.

    in some situations, and over some speeds, nothing, and i mean nothing not even the safest 10star NCAP car could save yourlife.

    there is a point of no return. and a car of the LF-A’s magnitude would reach it no worries.


  3. The LFA looks to have less damage, the RIP in the LFA should be because the advanced age from the driver and didn’t hold the G force from the impact.
    PS > Zinn, shout a F$%£ Up, you’re F£$%in coutry it’s the cause off the economic crysis all over the world. Buy american, lol, even 4 Cylinders 1.6cc Civics with proper modifications can beat Vipers.
    I’l bet you crap you’re pants just listning the sound of the exhaust of the LFA.

  4. Cmon some american cars are good. I wouldnt just say all of some countrys cars suck, because they always have some good cars as well. But there sure are some american crap also in the market.

    Seems stupid from a test-driver to drive like that on a public road, or was that a public road?

    Dont really know the whole story, R.I.P.

  5. its pretty clear why he died. no air bags and there are no crash points that give during a accident since its a supercar. also, even though there a good safety feature in race cars the harness seat belt probably didn’t help only cause of the fact that it held his body well but obviously his head went forward very fast and he could have snapped his neck. probably the typical gas peddle stick since its a toyota lol.

  6. I agree with shawn.And come on the 70% of American cars are crap.Try to find something better than a Corvette and a Ford GT in the supercar category of America.Plus the Focus RS is mostly based in European development.

  7. there is nothing better than the vette, viper and ford gt. those are bench mark supercars coming from manufactures that produce every day civilian,family vehicles. they have proven that they can rival and beat European manufactures that just build sports vehicles. i would say if anything, 30% if American vehicles are considered crap at the most. if are standards for keeping up car and emissions were the same as they are in parts of Europe, then people wouldn’t be considering them crap.

  8. Tell me Clay, can a cabrio Viper be compared to a Pagani Zonda Cinque?Or a Koenigsegg to a Ford GT?Even a Corvette ZR1 cant keep up with a 12years older Mclaren F1,and it goes on…By the way Europes supercar makers dont need to build any everyday cars because they belong into groups, for instance Group Fiat:Fiat,Alfa Romeo,Ferrari(Maserati supplier),Lancia.VW group:Audi,VW,Bugatti,Lamborghini,Porsche.

  9. notice that i said benchmark super cars big guy lol. like how u said viper cab. tell me Alex, do u consider Zondas, Koenigsegg’s. and mclaren F1’s benchmark super cars like the american cars u listed? cause there not. those are legendary hypercars that take years apon years to design and enginer and where the main focuses of those company’s. they are as much art peaces as the are peaces of top notch design and engineering that will only rise in value and fame in the years to come. the vette, gt, and viper are more manual cars that don’t have all those special gadgets that the other european supercars do. Not that the 3 car were talkin about do but there in a whole nother class and its just stupid to compare them. i mean comon now these car are car that havent even changed much in the past decade and put turbos, f430, murci’s, ect. to shame. ford enginers were given months to come up with the ford gt and its know as one of the best drivers cars in the world

  10. first off have some respect instead of coming in hear speaking of stupid crap.

    rest in peace Mr. Naruse!!

    second, whats more American? a honda built in Tennessee, or a chevy built in mexico? is a volkswagen no longer German if its built in China? think about

    third, all the talk about toyotas spontaneous acceleration and what not is just stupid, the only thing that was proven was that the floor mats got stuck sometimes. toyota’s reputation has been flawless up until now and it just seems like everyone is making a big deal and even making up stories to smear toyotas reputation. example: man in california claims his prius was accelerating out of control and he was on the brakes for at least 15 minutes. when tests were done the brakes did not have the characteristics of ones that have been extensively used. every car manufacturers have got issues and there hasnt been one company that hasnt had a recall of some sort. tough economy brings out the worst in everyone and the use of any means to get ahead.

    by the way go read the news, BMW had covered up its higher speed sputtering issue by paying off some of its customers who had filed lawsuits and only started to take steps to fixing the problem when “nightline” did a segment on the issue.

    please get your facts straight before speaking.


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