Photoshoot Dartz Prombron Red Diamond

Introduced at Top Marques Monaco the Dartz Prombron Red Diamond Edition is one of the most special vehicles on the roads in Europe and Arabia.

The unique luxury armoured truck is equipped with gold plated, bulletproof windows and bulletproof 22 inch alloys. A tungsten exhaust and tungsten badging and gauges, complemented by white gold gauges encrusted with precious gem stones also add to the list. Extra kevlar coating, just in case you happen to be driving through a war zone, and a Rogue Acoustic Audio System to ensure you can’t hear the carnage are all included.

Just before it was unveiled Dartz made a photoshoot – Russian style – with the vehicle and a lovely Russian lady. The result? Check out these two teasers. In the gallery below you will find more…

If you are interested in hi-res versions of the pictures, please contact us or leave a comment below.

Photoshoot Dartz Prombron Red Diamond 01


  1. They should import the car into the USA. After GM killed the Hummer brand they need such cars. :D
    I personally don’t like it at all.

  2. Hopefully there are only 2 pictures of the girl with the ammunition… because I was really wondering what she would do next.

  3. The photoshoot is quite unprofessional, especially the frame with a bit of a green car in the background… And the car is 22… this means a little bit too much…And oh yeah, it it T98, not T68…. )))

  4. I am always looking for more details of the T.98 as I think it will be standard family issue for families in the UK soon, but I do wonder why it is that motor manufactures think that intersted buyers go on to their motor site to see a particularly beautiful woman. I go on the site to see a particularly beautiful car. Although I disagree with Alex G regarding this lady, particularly if she comes with the car. I hope to buy one relatively soon, (I don’t think I am having a fantasy). I would like to know a site which gives good images of the interior, not blocked out by the female form. But goood luck to the manufacturers. Regards Graham Pearson.


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