X6M by Hartge

After showing you all the G-Power options for the X6 we thought we needed to wait a little to give you the second tuned X6M. Hartge has overhauled the exterior of the X6M but has wisely decided to leave the engine alone. Aside from the huge alloys, Hartge has produced a surprisingly subtle styling package.

The reason it’s so subtle is because the exterior remains largely untouched! There are no extra spoilers or larger diffusers, instead Hartge have focused on the interior of the car. The exception is of course the alloys which measure in at 22 inches. Options include Continental, Pirelli or Michelin tyres as well as a wide selection of colour choices to match the factory body colours.

Inside there’s a new carbon package that replaces panels on the center console and gear shifter as well as parts of the rear door and rear console. A new steering wheel also makes use of the light stuff and aluminium replaces the X6M’s standard set. There’s new set of dials as well, however we are disappointed that the photos we were given appear to show the lower revving diesel option…


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