Pink Superleggera

The Superleggera is probably one of the rawest, race-ready Lamborghini’s you can buy. Take for example this Orange one we showed you a while ago, the owner valued it’s racing credentials so much that he took it on track… It may have ended up in a tire wall but it shows that this Lamborghini is no push-over. Why then has this owner chosen to paint theirs in pink??

The spot was made by an autogespot reader in London’s supercar packed Knightsbridge area. We’re not saying that a Lamborghini shouldn’t be painted in pink, we just think it’s not the most likely of colours for the Superleggera to be seen in. One things for sure though, when it’s next advertised for sale, the words ‘one careful lady driver’ will be more believable.

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  1. Who cares if a lamborghini pink. This website has gone down hill big time if you think a car is overkill don’t post it so.

  2. @bobby

    If you don’t like it don’t read it.

    Anyway it’s a girl’s car and there is nothing more sexy than a girl in her own lambo (while strangely in her boyfriend’s lambos she’s just a b####).

  3. wow, as much as i hate to say, it sorta kinda a little bit like that! i don’t know how they do it, but lambo really seems to build cars that are really conducive to crazy colors like this! i mean, this certainly wouldn’t be a color i would consider(blazing orange all the way!!!), but i certainly can’t say it’s a ‘bad’ color on a lambo.


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