Concept802 Range Rover Sport

Our British friends are proud on their Range Rovers, and we generally have to agree on that. The Britisch SUV’s are just icons. Offcourse there are always people who have slightly different view on that, and these people start to tune the cars. One of the first projects we’ve seen was the work of so called tuner, project Kahn. Beside that there was also the work of Edmiston. All very nice but not enough for Concept802. They’ve given the car a “Platinum R Wide Body Kit”.

Concept802 Range Rover Sport

The bodykit falls apart in side skirts, new front- and rearbumpers, extra airintakes and a big grill on the nose. Offcourse there’s a set of exhaust pipes and a carbon fibre diffusor which is absolute new for the Range Rover Sport. Last but not least, for people who can park carefully, you can choose rims ranging a size between 19- and 24 inch.

When visiting Concept802’s homepage, you’ll notice that they are working on a Porsche Cayenne and Lamborghini MurciĆ©lago package… we can’t wait!


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  1. Awesomeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry turboman, but this it’s not destroying but making something real nice even better. My votes goes to “Concept802” congratulations mates u did it.

    5 stars


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