German sports car maker, Wiesmann, have released the first images of their limited edition GT MF4-S. It coincides with their recent 20th birthday and will be the first of a limited run of special 20th Anniversary models. There will be 30 MF4-S and 20 of the (as yet) unannounced MF3 and MF5 special editions. The best thing is it gets the 4.0 litre BMW V8 from the latest M3.

Power has been improved to 420hp (309kW) over the standard GT MF4 367hp (270kW) and transmission options now include both a standard six-speed manual or a new dual-clutch unit. Each car is fitted with an engraved plaque featuring the name of the car’s owner, the production number and the signatures of the Wiesmann brothers, mounted on the center console. There’s also new seats and dials to tell the car apart from others.

[Via MotorAuthority]

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  1. Wiesmann MF3 & MF4 both crib the face of a CJag
    to wear on a BMW based car, & the face may be the best resolved view of it (profile’s OK too)
    but it woulda been more relevant historically to reprise the Arnolt Bristol Bolide, a neat BMW derivative of the fifties. Profile anyway
    looks like either a Healey prototype coupe,
    or distantly like the Palm Beach Allard coupe,
    another unspoken for nostalgia candidate.


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