Tesla Roadster

The charging time was a rather negative point for environment friendly Tesla when it got introduced. The time to load the batteries was about 8 hours, a long time to be honnest. That’s why Tesla now comes up with a faster charger, that makes it possible to fully charge your Tesla’s batteries in just 3.5 hours, and even better there will be a charger introduced that does the job in just 45 minutes. We know that some car manufacturers claim that they can charge their cars in only 10 minutes, but for Tesla that isn’t possible because the batteries just can’t take that fast power-input.

There is even more Tesla news, now that the 4-door saloons are a trend, Tesla couldn’t stay behind. That’s why they announced they will add a 4-door car to the range and it will be shown on a special event, next March. When the guys from Tesla can find enough money, the production of the saloon should start in 2011. Estimated price will be about $ 60,000 (� 49,800 – � 46,000), that’s right into the BMW 5 series and others price ranges.

[via Autoweek.nl]

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