Porsche 997 GT3

A few weeks ago we got the chance to get a ride in a Porsche 997 GT3. I can imagine that doesn’t sound so special but we could lap the Nurburgring several times. In the video below you can see a clip of one of the laps we did. The GT3 isn’t a complete stock one, it was taken to Manthey Racing for a few changes. It now has new suspension top mounts based on those from the racing team. The top mounts allow great adjustment to the caster and camber, allowing greater stability at high speed on the road and reducing understeer in the corners and on track.

Porsche 997 GT3

The owner says:

The suspension was also adjusted by Manthey to alter the camber toe and caster and ride height to my requirements. My request to Manthey had been to set up the car for fast road use and occassional Ring use only. The car is very good on the Ring and is also very easy to cover long distances on the road. The car has sat nav for road use and ceramic brakes which really work very well during fast road use and generally take two or three laps before they really begin to work on the Ring. Once warmed up they are very effective.

As mentioned at the beginning of the vid, there are no injuries in the accidents that appeared during the lap. Also due to much traffic, we couldn’t set a nice lap time but that didn’t take away a sunday full of fun! Through this way we also want to thank the the owner of the GT3 for the opportunity…

The video:


Porsche 997 GT3

Porsche 997 GT3

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  1. Nice lap. I was also there a few weeks ago, didn’t see you overtaking me though :)

    Here’s a video in HD of my best lap so far, 8.53 after 20 laps ever and with traffic but not with a Porsche. This video also has some nice Ring explanations during the lap:

    In the weekend you were there I was 10 seconds faster at Breitscheid (with a passenger) then on my best lap but my alternator belt snapped.

    Hope to meet you some day at the Ring.


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