Ashley van Dyke

Ashley van Dyke send us her experiences from the time she spend on the Bullrun earlier this year. The Bullrun started in Calgary and finished in Scottsdale, Arizona 7 days later. Ashley joined up with the pack in Las Vegas. We hope you enjoy her writeup:

Another season of Bullrun started for me in Vegas when I met up with the gang coming down from Calgary. My Z06 was accompanied by the Destination X team with Wu in the Hummer and a Jeep of camera personnel. We hit our first check point at Spring Mountain Ranch, my personal sponsor and good friends, with breakfast and track time. We spent 2 hours on the road course while the Hummer was dealing with over heating issues. I was also taken out in a Radical for some pretty insanely fast lap times. Pushing on through the hot temps we left Spring Mountain heading straight through Death Valley. We were worried about the Hummer and especially our Street Fire buddies as they were in an open top Cobra. Richard Rawlings was the one with the worst luck as a fuel leak line left him on the side of the road but lucky for him the Destination X Jeep and Wu in the Hummer stuck it out to provide help. They later made it to the Sofitel Hotel in Beverly Hills around 9pm at night after I had long had dinner was on my way to the 944 party.

In the morning Car-Parazzi came and captured shots as we headed to West Coast Customs. Upon arrival we were greeted by the famous cast of the show and given tours of the shop. Just before we left the Z06 did a smoke show but the winner of the most smoke went to Wu for blasting me with his smoke screen on the way out to the freeway. We were heading for our next check point in Arizona. I was pulling away with the front cars when I decided to keep the pace a little harder and push for a solo P1 run. When 2pm hit I had to call into Gregg Kielma at KGKI radio for an in car interview and report. I had tried calling Gregg the day before but there was no service for anyone

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