Audi R8 GT3

Bowing to customer pressure Audi are all set to offer a GT3 version of their Audi R8. Looking to develop a successful ‘customer sport program’, Audi’s ambitions are obviously to take on the likes of Ferrari, Porsche and Lamborghini who all currently have GT3 versions of their cars competing in GT3 series.

Many changes will be incorperated to the car to bring it to GT3 regulation standards. First to go will be the four-wheel drive ‘quattro’ system which will need to be replaced with a rear-wheel drive system, going against the companies traditions. A new six-speed sequential gearbox will be added to add extra pace to the changes and safety equipment for obvious reasons.

Downforce has been created by extensive modifications to the bodywork to create extra aerodynamic properties.

The whole project falls under the name of ‘R16’, much like other Audi racing projects. Audi hopes that racing will begin during the 2009 with customer cars being delivered in Autumn.

[Via Evo]


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