Time for aftermarket article of the week… The Konigseder Porsche GT kit. Although only 1270 Carrera GT’s were produced, and the production run is well and truely over, Konigseder feels that there is enough demand to create a custom aerodynamic kit. The pictures are photoshops of previous Porsche press releases however the company is adamant a production ready version will be shown in spring 2009. Konigseder’s aggressively styled bodykit is made up of a new pointy front bumper, a huge rear wing, side skirts and faux air intakes on the roof. We don’t like it but perhaps others do??

[Via Carscoop]


  1. I’m not a fan of the CGT (looks wise) and I’m not a fan of stick on bits of plastic on cars.

    But I actually like the front bumper on this kit…….they can keep the touring car-esque rear winf and the side skirts though.


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