Lexus LF-A

That lexus will soon present it’s first official sportcar, the LF-A, isn’t a secret anymore. Another fact is that Lexus want to compete with the Ferrari F430, Lamborghini Gallardo LP5640-4, Porsche GT2,etc…isn’t a secret either. But the price this beauty will get wasn’t known sofar. If we believe a Lexus manager the LF-A will cost around $ 225,000 (€ 143,000 – £ 113,660) which is a serious cost. Knowing there’s a roofless version coming aswell, the price of that one will be even higher. When we compare this price with it’s direct concurrents we see the Lexus will be much more expensive, the question is: will it be worth it’s price?

[via Autogespot]



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