Dodge Challegner

Just when we are getting used to tuning news, there are always some creative souls out there who find a new car to tune. This time it’s SMS’s turn, which is the new tuninghouse of Steve Saleen, to make an upgrade for the upcoming Dodge Challenger. The SMS 570 TM is based on the brand new Challenger R/T and will get 2 new engines: one running on 500 bhp and one on 700 bhp. That power is derived from a 5.7 liter Hemi V8 engine. Both cars will hava a adapted suspension, a bodykit, tires, rimms and offcourse a fresh interior.

Billy Tally, SMS Chief Technical Officer says

The horsepower and torque that we are developing from the SMS Supercharged Hemi is phenomenal, combined with suspension and braking improvements our SMS Challenger will be an incredibly capable, refined and tractable vehicle.


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