Corvette ZR1

Corvette ZR1 chief engineer Tadge Juechter recently told the automotive world the Corvette ZR1 will be produced in a limited number of 2 000 units to be revealed over the entire world. He also said that the ZR1 will be on of the most fuel-efficient 600 bhp supercars out there, but before we believe that we wait for official testing figures on the fuel-consumption. The ZR1 has only backwheel traction for the simple reason that four wheel drive would have created “too much mass”. Last but not least, Juechter promissed, that the exclusive ZR1 parts won’t be available on other Corvettes. That’s a good thing for it’s exclusivity but not for the current ZO6 owners. Anyway, driving a car wherefrom 2 000 pieces are made, is that still that exclusive…?



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