Mercedes-Benz SL by Brabus

The news about a new package for the previous Mercedes-Benz isn’t cold yet and here we go with the newest package created by Brabus. Offcourse they want to be the first to show this and so they did. We have to admit that the package looks very good on the facelifted Mercedes-Benz SL class. The aggresive looking SL is called the Brabus SL-class R230 and has been changed quite a lot. The frontbumper, which was totally refreshed by Mercedes themselves, has been changed again. Together with that the guys at Brabus doubled the foglights and installed a row of the very popular LED-lights.

At the back they changed the diffuser quite a lot which it almost makes it hard to recognize the model they based themselves on. A tuned car wouldn’t be one without nice rimms, in this case Brabus has put 20 inchers under the car! Let’s hope Brabus releases official pictures and more details soon…

Mercedes-Benz SL by Brabus

[via cecwheels]

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  1. You see those led-lights more and more but once again I have to admit they make the car look better! This is a very good package Brabus created let’s wait to see more tuners doing there thing to the SL-class!


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