Ferrari F40 vs 599 GTB

This is a nice clash between two Italian icons, the Ferrari 599 GTB and the Ferrari F40. The 599 runns on a 6 liter V12, derived directly from the Enzo, which produces no less than 620 bhp. The competitor in this movie is the more than stunning 478 bhp strong Ferrari F40. The supersportscar made in 1987 was the last Ferrari built under direct overview of Enzo Ferrari. With a topspeed of 202 mph (324 kmh) and a 0 – 62 mph (100 kmh) time of 4 seconds the F40 was the fastest production car back in the eightties. After the jump you can find the video and make sure you turn up the volume!


  1. Nice one! I rather have a Ferrari F40 than a 599 simply because the F40 is one of the last pure supercars ever build. Nowadays every supercar has so much electronics that even with 1000 bhp you can drive it like it’s a walk in the park.

  2. Yeah, the F40 is an absolute amazing car. But as i’m giant Lamborghini fan i would prefur a Miura S … the looks, the passion, the everything are just more breathtaking ;)

  3. I prefer any old Ferrari over any old Lamborghini. But since Lamborghini introduced the Countach I’m starting to shift more towards Lamborghini…


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