The Gumpert Apollo is one of the purest sportscars out there. Business is going good for the supercar producer and thats why they’ve presented a ‘sports’ version of the Apollo on the Geneva Motor Show. The new version doesn’t change the fact that this is one of the most extreme street-legal sportscars out there and that combined with all performance needed for the circuit. Its bodywork combines sexy curves with potent edges and angles and aims for uncompromising aerodynamics.

The inside isn’t bad either, with its sporty and elegant alcantara interior, and offers air-condition, CD-player, navigation system and reverse view camera as standard equipment. A two-layer metallic finish available in any conceivable color, gives this bolide a particular luster. As a special accessory the apollo is equipped with an airjack, a pneumatic jacking pad. This extreme car is all yours for € 299 500 (£ 227 800 – $ 460 420) exclusive taxes offcourse…!

[via GermanCarBlog]

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