A few years ago several tuning companies were born, most of them preferred to tune sportscars like a Porsche, Ferrari, Lamborghini etcetera. Back in the days it was only a select few that tuned a large number supercars. But today it’s a whole different story, almost every supercar manufacturer has a couple loyal tuners that make their cars even more exclusive. For example Zagato, that brought it’s Bentley Continental GTZ to the Geneva Motorshow. That Zagato is not the only tuner / designer / coachbuilder to put it’s hands on a Bentley we present you the Bentley Continental GTL designed by Helge Leonhardt.

First thought is that only one letter changed in the design from Zagato. When we take a first look we see an almost similar giant front-grill, and that’ll be it! Further details aren’t known yet beside the price for the new grill: € 20.000 (£ 15.300 – $ 30.800)! Hopefully there’s something other than just a new front grill included in the price. Or well, you know exclusivity has it’s price, especially in the world of supercars. Only question remaining for people who don’t live in California: where to put the front license plate?


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