Caterham RST-V8 Levante

We know Caterham from the little and tiny but very powerful sportscars. Well powerful is a big word, it’s the combination of weight and power which makes it fabulous. But for some among us it’s never enough, that’s why Caterham and tuner RS Performance came together to create something special, something extreme… and look what they bring out! The Caterham RST – V8 Levante!

Caterham RST-V8 Levante

The RST-V8 Levante uses a 2.4 liter V8 with supercharger and that creates more than 200 bhp per liter. Indeed this small car is running with nothing less than 507 bhp! Almost unbelievable, but what’s even more crazy, the car can run up to 10 000 rpm. We guess exclusive is the right word here. But for exclusivity is a price and that one isn’t bad either. The RST-V8 Levante costs € 153 000 (£ 115 500 – $ 227 700).

When reading the figures this car sets down, it’s worth it. You get a sequential six-speed gearbox that let’s you sprint to 62 mph (100 kmh) in less than 3 seconds. The topspeed is limited to 150 mph (240 kmh). Next to that you get a driving-course of 2 days when you buy one and you only have to wait 12 weeks to see it delivered!

Caterham RST-V8 Levante

The official press-release can be found in our forum!



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