Jaguar F-Type Concept

Back in 2000 the Jaguar’s F-Type Concept caused much excitement when it was presented at the Detroit Auto Show. That was before Jaguar’s sales slumped and the carmaker started posting multi-million dollar losses. All of a sudden, plans for an exotic flagship like the F-Type were dropped in favor of the mass market X-Type sedan.

After many dark years, Jaguar came back alive with the XK and XK-R and the last and one of the most complete Jaguars, the XF.

The car is tipped to be a two-seater sports car. Carrying on the tradition of classic sports cars like the C and E-Type models, the new F-Type would be a high-performance sports coupe that could rival the Porsche 911. To save development costs the car could be built off a shortened XJ platform and share the same naturally aspirated and supercharged V8 engines with the recently launched XF range.The only ‘problem’ is if the F-Type is produced then the chances of the entry-level X-Type being replaced becomes next to nil.

[via MotorAuthority]


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