Porsche Panamera

In Atlanta the guys from Porsche AG announced today that it is developing a hybrid version of its first 4-door saloon. The Porsche Panamera Hybrid will be running on the same gas-electric drive concept as the Cayenne Hybrid that comes to market at the end of the 2009.

Porsche Panamera Hybrid

The full hybrid system of the Panamera will be configured with the battery unit positioned below the luggage compartment in the back trunk, and hybrid module. Depending on driving conditions, the hybrid module has the ability to drive either the combustion engine or the electric motor, or to combine both drive systems as one joint power unit. This flexibility results in benefits such as a zero emissions driving mode, fuel serious saving in both city and highway driving and maximum performance when desired. Still sounds a bit crazy for a Porsche …

The Panamera, which represents Porsche’s fourth model line, will make its world debut in 2009 and promises to redefine the Gran Turismo category by featuring a unique design package that will afford equally generous front and rear space and seating comfort for four while retaining the sporting and unmistakable driving dynamics of every Porsche.

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