Nissan GT-R VSpec

After the official presentation of the Nissan GT-R coupé, you should think there’s nothing new left for the next 10 years. But that thought is wrong because this misterious prototype was spotted on a racetrack. These latest shots show the Nissan GT-R with several features you won’t find on the standard model, leading us to believe this is either a new Group N version or possibly the upcoming V-Spec model that might hit the streets in 2009.

NIssan GT-R VSpec

There were Group A race versions of the previous model GT-Rs, which were basically stripped out versions of the regular production models but with several racing modifications. The previous V-spec cars, meanwhile, were developed to denote the GT-R’s Group N racing success and included some serious performance enhancements aswell.

While the GT-R is comparable with the Porsche 911 Turbo, the new V-Spec will follow the lines of the 911 GT3 or maybe the GT3RS and so it will be designed for the track but still road legal.

Nissan GT-R VSpec


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