Day 4 lead the La Carrera drivers from Queretaro to Morelia. More than 70 cars, that survived the last 3 days of hard driving, started at 9.00 am at Queretaro, to one of the most thrilling legs of the 20th edition of La Carrera Panamericana: the Mil Cumbres.

Mil Cumbres is mystical, especially on a very cold and cloudy day like on day 4. The curves of Mil Cumbres are endless and the scenery is just perfect. This special place is preffered by all participants and fans. But on the other hand it is every year the most dangerous stage of La Carrera. On places you have no holes at the streets, you have gravel. Gravel and curves are not a good combination, especially if the most cars have rear-wheel drive.
But fortunately this year there were no bad crashed at Mil Cumbres.

Winner of day 4 was once again Pierre de Thoisy and co-driver Frederic Stoesser. Second were father and son Habich with their Studebaker Commander. Good to see Roger Habich and Daryl Habich back in race. On day 3 they had big problems with the engine. Luckely they managed to fix the problem. Third were Doug Mockett and Angélica Fuentes.

At the Unlimited Class, Kevin Jones Mark Williams did the best time on day 4, followed by Bruce Redding and Ronald McRae. Impressive is the 4 (!) minutes time difference between first and second place. Third place went to John Nielsen and Emine Wright.

On day 5 the drivers have to complete on of the longest legs of La Carrera with over 572 km.


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