It’s been the fifth day of La Carrera Panamericana, which took the teams and their cars from Morelia to Aguascalientes. But let us start with the bad news: La Carrera had it’s first disqualification. For Team father and son Habich #105 the race is over. That make us sad to hear, especially since Team Habich was definatly one team which was able to win the complete Carrera. For Team Habich the race had already started unfortunate, with bad engine problems in the stage of the automobile race track of Querétaro. Like it seems now, they changed the engine to a smaller and less powerfull engine. But that was not the problem. Main issue with the smaller engine was the lower weight of the car. In a surprise weight check (which has never happened in the history of La Carrera) Team #105 was only 72 pounds too light, with an empty gas tank. Nearly ironic is the fact, that if they had refuelled (132 pounds of fuel), they would have passed the first ever surprise technical inspection. Excluding the Subaru of Kevin and Mark of the Unlimited Class, or ‘Exhibition class’ as the La Carrera Panamericana officials refer to it, Team Habich was the fastest team on most of the speed stages.

Good to hear that even though they got disqualified, Team Habich will finish La Carrera in the ‘Exhibition’ class and they are already planning to come back to Mexico next year and aim for the win of La Carrera Panamericana. Guys: we keep our fingers crossed for you!

Day 5 included some more stages of Mil Cumbres. And again fog and gravel made the route dangerous. Team Emil and Keri with their Porsche GT3 had big problems in the Mil Cumbres stages. Not only that the street was very slippy: their Rally-Navigation- System ‘Terratrip’ didn’t work. So they took it a little bit easier on day 5 and arrived second to last at the Unlimited Class.

Winner of day 5 of the Classic Carrera Panamericana was once again Doug Mockett and Angélica Fuentes. Second place went to Pierre de Thoisy and Frederic Stoesser. With only 23 second behind the second Othon García and Roberto Aguilar grabbed the third place. Winner of the Unlimited Class was (no big surprise here) Kevin Jones and Mark Williams in their Subaru.

Thanks to the Unlimited Class Blog, we are able to show you Kevin and Mark in some short action:

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