Saturday’s starting city was Tehuacan. Start time was 9 am and the temperature at that time was already very high. That made the handling of the cars very difficult in those winding streets. Yesterday we already reported about the crash of the ‘Original Panamerican Class’ BMW. On saturday a silver Corvette lost control and flipped upside down. But the driver and co-driver managed to leave the car, before the car caught fire. Only minutes later the Corvette was completly destroyed by the fire.

The stage had a total lengh of over 600km. Winner of day 2 was the ‘Turismo Mayor’ class. With only 10 seconds in lead, Doug Mockett and AngĂ©lica Fuentes won the stage from Tehuacan to Puebla. Second was Roger Habich and Daryl Habich, third (due a 25 second penalty) Pierre de Thoisy and Frederic Stoesser. Day 2 winners of the Unlimited Class were once again Kevin Jones and Mark Williams in their Subaru.


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