Top Gear Season 10

Top Gear is back with their 10th season and unlike many other tvshows it’s still getting better. The third episode of the season that aired tonight had a little preview of the new super exclusive Lamborghini that is definatly worth watching for most of our readers: Top Gear showed the new Lamborghini Reventón which was unveiled at the Frankfurt International Motorshow last month.

At first the Reventón looked more like a spaced-out LP640 then the ultimate Lamborghini we had been waiting for considering the 1 million euro pricetag, but at second sight we must admit it must be every carfan’s wishlist-number-one this christmas! Not convinced yet? Read this article on the Top Gear website!

And even when you still don’t like the Lamborghini Reventón there’s enough reason to watch: Rolls Royce Drophead, 599 GTB and a Bugatti Veyron all appear on this episode!

For those of you that missed out on the latest episode of Top Gear on BBC2 keep an eye on youtube!

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