Day 2 brings the Torpedo runners and the wonderfull grid to Switzerland. After the party of last night and the first leg of today, they can show their racing skills on a kart track in France. This promisses to be a challenge and let’s hope that our GTspirit team beats them all! For a full write up of day one you can click here!

Update #1:
10:31 CET by PX
Day 2 has started with a big delay. Now we are in France and on the way to the kart center in Switzerland.

Update #2:
11:54 CET by PX
We arrived now in Strasbourg. Traffic is getting busy!

Update #3:
13:59 CET by PX
Arrived at kart! Time to for some hot laps …

Update #4:
18:08 CET by PX
The Torpedo participants left Karting and are on their way to Geneva. This evening there will be an exclusive party on a private boat!

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