Torpedo Run in Switserland

Torpedo Run Day 2: (Photos)

After a great party in the ‘White’ club in Luxembourg everybody woke up a little bit late this morning. Only the Christian and Andy made it to breakfast before 8am, so the 8.30 starttime was delayed until 9.30. With all the cars safely making it out of Germany we put all the Torpedo Run stickers on the car in the carpark of the hotel in Luxembourg. After everybody stickered up their car and collected still sleeping team members we drove out of the garage together and stopped in front of the hotel so the SAT1 film crew could film us.

First stop after leaving the hotel was an Aral petrolstation at the highway in Luxemburg. After driving solo most of the way the day before we decided to drive together in small groups to the karting checkpoint in Switserland. We teamed up with Andy in the Opel Speedster, Sasha and Natasha in the Jaguar XKR Convertible, Martin and Hansie in the Ferrari F430 and the guys in the Mercedes CLK Convertible. We made our way through France and stopped a couple times to wait for others or refuel. We got ahead of the others near Strasbourg by taking a different toll gate and we took it really easy after that, 2CV’s overtook us like we were standing still. When Andy and the Bayern F430 boys popped up in our mirror we sped up a little and followed them to the Swiss border. There Hansie stopped the F430 on the hardshoulder to drop all the illegal goodies they picked up in Holland in the bushes… just kidding!

We entered Switserland with Andy behind us and then right after the border waited for the F430. They told me they needed fuel badly so I tried to find the closest petrolstation in my satnav, first one was abandonned several years ago. Luckily the second one was within range and selling Super Plus 98 for the Ferrari. Now it was only 60 kilometers to the Race-Inn Kart center in Roggwill. The last 10 kilometers lead us over beautiful hills and through deep valleys. Good navigation made the difference once again, Andy was driving behind me and both our satnavs’send us the wrong way about 500 meters from the destination. When we found out the right location, the Ferrari and Jaguar pulled in right before us and they were really pleased with their superior navigation.

Torpedo Run Day 2

Once everybody arrived we had a little warm-up session at the karttrack. Sasha set the fastest lap time, one that turned out very hard to beat in the qualifying and the race for most of us. The qualifying saw Sasha and Martin come 1st and 2nd, the 3rd to 10th position were really close. The race started with a lot of action, the pack was very close together and we there were a lot of battles going on. In the end only one can win and that was Sasha with the fastest laptime of the day. Second was Martin and third Hansie.

After the kart everybody continued to the Mandarin-Oriental hotel in Geneva. After refreshing it was on to a boat for dinner and party at Lake Geneva.

Day 3 takes the Torpedo Runners from Geneva to Italy through the Alps. The leg most of us really look forward to!

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