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For Team Polizei‘s very own Piloten Jon Goodrich and the fabulous Ashley van Dyke the Players Run started with problems. Unfortunately their car, an Aston Martin Vantage, was not for the start in Calgary. And they were not even sure if the car had arrived at the border town in Montana. So they hired a Chevrolet Tahoe limo service, and got a ride to the border. The driver was doing a cool 130kph so they arrived in first position at the first checkpoint: Currently dubbed “Team Limousine”.

But where was the Aston? The trucking company instruction was as follows:

“You car is parked approximately 1/2 mile from the border check on the right side of the road. Look for the American flag. The key to both your Vantage and the Gallardo (from Dustin Whorls from that are sitting there is underneath the southern horse statue’s right hoof. Dig beneath the platform and you will find a plastic bag with both keys.” Sounds like a joke, but they were for real!

The Vantage and Gallardo were in fact just sitting there and after a brief search under the horses hoof they located the key. They managed to cram Ashley’s two humungus bags and John’s few bits into the car, bidded Dustin and the driver a warm farewell and proceeded to the checkpoint in Glacier National Park. Team Polizei were first to the checkpoint and Ashley drew a respectable King of Diamonds, the first card in the Player’s Run poker hand.

[via Team Polizei 144 HQ]

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