TechArt Street GT

After presenting SpeedArts new Porsche toy, TechArt couldn’t resist of tuning up the 997 Turbo. This resulted in a new machine which is good for 214mph (342 khm) and will storm through the 62mph mark in 3.2 seconds, which is a massive 0.5 seconds faster than the standard manual Turbo and it hammers through the 125mph mark in just 10.9 seconds. So this comfy, usable 911 will rival the Carrera GT through the gears and the price tag of €245,000 seems almost reasonable with those numbers – and the work that has gone in to producing this Kermit-green beast.

New VTG-equipped turbochargers, a new airbox, high-performance manifolds, intercoolers and a stainless steel sport exhaust system, together with a new engine management system, all help to crank up the horsepower to unreasonable levels and bless the car with an epic 605lb/ft of torque – that’s about a 25 per cent boost over the standard car. TechArt is one of the first to truly stabilise 650bhp in the Turbo, which will raise some sniggers amongst those in the know.

Check WCF for more pictures.

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