Finally we have some news about the Great American Run participants, who started in New York. The final checkpoint of the New York starting field was Indianapolis, the capital of the US state Indiana. That means 1150 km (715 miles) on the first day.

Team # 151 ‘Blacked out Roush’ arrived the final checkpoint of day 1 first! Nick, driver of Team Blacked out Roush, thanked Alex Roy for his pre-rally advice.
Nick wrote in our Great American Run forum: “We left at 6:10 pm and arrived at 6:10 am the following day. We averaged 75 mp/h covering about 895 miles. We overtook the Red GT500 about 30 miles before Indianapolis and beat him by about 10mins (he needed gas also). The Shelby GT wasn’t far behind arriving around 7 am.” Thanks Nick for this update!


  1. The stang’ looked great. Show those saleens what its about!

    i dont know if you saw this, but one of the saleens threw off a fan belt while trying to do donuts before he left

    (it was one of the “bad boy” cars)


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