The Great American Run

Team Tangospeed and GTspirit join forces during the upcoming Cannonball Run in the United States. This Great American Run is a special one, with teams starting in multiple different start cities crossing the United States from East to West. All teams will gather and party in Las Vegas before proceeding together to the finish in Los Angeles. Our joint team decided to pick Miami as a starting location and from Florida will make it’s way through the sunny and hot southern United States on the way to Vegas! The car of choice for this coast-to-coast adventure is a Chevrolet Corvette Convertible, a true American sportscar with a long history.

The teams will start in Miami on sunday afternoon the 29th of July and finish in Los Angeles on the 4th of August. At the moment there are still a limited number of slots available for teams starting in Miami and New York. The winner of the Great American Run will receive the keys to a brand new Saleen Mustang with 600 bhp. For the most up-to-date info and special discounts for the Great American Run login to our Cannonball forum!


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