Bad Boy Saleen

The winner of the Great American Run will earn himself a brand new Saleen Mustang. Cannonball World Events organiser Tim Porter revealed Saleen have agreed to build 25 limited one off 600 BHP mustangs for entrants who have entered the Cannonball World event. The awesome Mustangs will do zero to 60 mph in just under 4 seconds. Flat our the car will reach a topspeed of 200 mph. 11 of the 25 cars have already been sold! All the limited Cannonball World cars will have an 18ct gold chassis plate on them with the build number. Car number 25 is the winning prize.

Don’t miss out on this one and sign up for this unique rally that will stir up the USA this summer! For all the Europeans out there, Cannonball World HQ can help you with flights and cool rental cars to do the run! Contact Cannonball World HQ for more info!

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  1. this car might be alright but saleen has how should i say this lacking looks its not properly air dinamic all it has is a nice paint and rims see i am not troubling who ever posted it but take it off because i have a 2010 mustang gt and it looks exactly like this and for the hell of it its supercharged and mine will keep up with this sick saleen (:

  2. I have a 2000 Saleen. I wanted a new one, but I can pay $27,000 less for a GT and a charger and get more horsepower than the Saleen. I expect for the price of the Saleen that it is the fastest mustang out there but thats not true at all. The Shelby has more horsepower than the Saleen and it’s cheaper by $12,000. what is Saleen thinking? He might want to take a look at that and reassess this!


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