Stage 3 will bring the race2raise runners from Turin (Italy) to Cannes (France). Again not a very long leg (ca. 200 mls), but undoubtely a very nice one through the Alps. For pictures of day 1 and day 2 you can visit our forum or click here.

Update 02
19.06.07 05:21 by Des
Party got started when we kicked the dj in the club out of his booth and replaced him by the R2R DJ’s! Now back at hotel for midnight poolparty!

Today’s story by Des
All teams arrived in Cannes around 20h00 (CET). The whole pack left the hotel in Turin around 10h30 am and drove to the Monaco checkpoint. Only the Alfa GT, who had to get the window fixed, and Des’ Mini Cooper S stayed behind. After phoning around half Italy, they found out that a very small dealer in Turin could repair the window. Finally the Alfa was ready around 1u30 pm. Together they left for Cannes, far behind the group! By skipping the Monaco checkpoint they were able to catch up with the others just infront of Cannes. Some of the participants went on to St.-Tropez for a well earned drink at Villa Belle Rose, one of the most beautiful hotels in South France! Tonight there’s a big party in Cannes and tomorrow the next leg!

Update 01
18.06.07 12:54 by Des
Alfa window is almost fixed, others are long on their way to the first checkpoint.

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