Today’s trip takes the race2raise charity runners from the south of France, more exactly Cannes to the capital city of France, Paris. All participants agreed not to speed because of the french police.

Today’s story by Des
At 20u25 all cars and participants have arrived in Paris! This was not the most easy ride of the run, not only because of the distance (ca. 850 km) but also because of the police. After a paper check at a gas station close to Cannes, the police all over France got warned for a ‘rally’ driving to Paris. From that moment the motorway was full of cops on motorbikes and policemen with laserguns! Due to that, a lot of fines were written, but almost all of them were for doing 10 to 20 kmh above the speedlimit. Only the Mini Cooper S (Des) and the Alfa GT could make it to Paris without being fined. That also because they did a small D-tour going over Dijon. Tonight there’s another party for everybody but that one won’t probably not end as late as last night, because everybody partied the night away (until 5u30 am) and had to start today at 9u00. Tomorrow is the last leg of the 3rd edition of the race2raise charity run, bringing all participants back to Rotterdam.

Update 01
19.06.07 14:00 by Des
Several cars are pulled over. Police says that they have to do something with the Cannonball! But as none of the participants was caught speeding, maybe the police won’t make huge problems of it.

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