Ferrari F149

There are rumours about the Ferrari F149 project saying that the car will be shown mid 2008 already and that the F149 will not be named Ferrari Dino.

It will be a Ferrari in every single part and in its philosophy, with 4 true seats, front engine and a beuatiful Coupè-Cabrio version!

The picture of the test cars out of Maranello’s factory hides the C+C solution, infact it seems that this solution was originally made to be adopted on the open version of Maserati Granturismo: that is why rear section of the car really seems like the one from Maserati.

We don’t have any news on which V8 engine will be used for F149 but the price is rumoured to be around 135.000 euros: if that’s true it will be the cheapest Ferrari available that should give the Porsche 911 a run for it’s money.



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