2 new Koenigsegg ‘s, that’s great news!! Let’s hope we can see some in action very soon. Is this another one trying to kick the Veyron of the trone?
“Koenigsegg decided to release images and specs of the two supercars that will occupy their booth at next week’s Geneva Motor Show. First, the CCXR, which is a standard CCX that’s been converted to use ethanol and produces 1018 HP and 780 ft.-lbs. of torque. Those fortunate enough to already own a CCX can have their current vehicle retrofitted with the biofuel mill if desired”
To find out more read this thread at our car news forum.


  1. Well, that’s weird, the title of the article is the new Koenigsegg CCGT, but you don’t even mention it in the whole article ?


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