We all know Porsche as a fantastic car, it’s not only made for racing, it also provides luxury. That’s why Porsche got a special place in a lot of peoples hearts.

The official “date of birth” of the first Porsche is considered June 8, 1948. Number one was a two-seater 356 with a 1.1 litre engine mounted in the center of the car. The engine produced 40 HP and weight was only 650 kg. The following 50 specimens of the so-called 356/2 were hand built in Gmünd/Kärnten (Austria). These cars almost resembled the classic 356 and are today, if at all to be found, almost priceless. You can learn a lot more about the history here.

Porsche 356


Most of us are familiar with the modern Porsches like the Boxster, Cayenne and 911, but Porsche got a great history and produced many models since it’s first car. Take a look at the full collection! You will have the opportunity to see and read about the different models and find your favorite Porsche. The overview is continuously updated so that when finished, it will include all models from 1948 and onwards. One of the nicest Porsches is the GT2, who is getting succession next year.


Every year Porsche makes a press book. The presentation of the 2004 models was, a shocking 194 pages long. If you are interested in the Porsche yearbook right click and save as here. It includes most of the models and a lot of interesting facts, although the lack of pictures makes it a bit boring to read.


The future is, as everybody knows yet, the 4-door coupé. The Panamera.
The new Porsche is not scheduled for release until 2008, but with spy shots and renders made by car magazines you can see what to expect from the new addition to the Porsche line up.

We also found a video that is showing some old models and race cars in the Porsche museum in Stuttgart.

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