Challenge 2006 Start

GTspirit is proud to present the first pictures of the start of The Challenge 2006. About 30 minutes ago 42 cars passed the startline in Dresden heading for the city of St Petersburg in Russia. The organiser Sjoerd van Stokkum and his co-pilot Michiel Molenaar handed out the routecards t the participants. The first overnight checkpoint remains a secret but we can tell you that the first route card said they had to go to a destination in Poland for lunch. All of the teams looked fabulous in their theme clothing. Over the coming week we will be following some of the themes in depth.

Team Leo de Vries

The Maybach with car number 2 was placed first at the starting grid. But the passengers decided to take a nap back in their room with only minutes to go before the start. In the end the driver drove around and waited for them in front of the hotel.

More photos:

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