04.05.06 06:41
Update for Flash lambo
the flash lambo suffered badly 300km north of phuket, no people injured. luckily team tango had a pick-up (read hi-LUX) for asian leg being able to get the guys and their shit back to phuket where a private jet is waiting so we wont miss the party in bangkok !

04.05.06 06:27
Porka repair delayed
As customs didnt let the car out for awhile at phuket, there is just not enough time to do the repairs at banCOCK… So the repairs are delayed till SLC

04.05.06 05:29
Trouble in Thailand
White and “flash” murci crashed, drivers OK. Team Polizei has some problems… Hi-LUX is doing GREAT :D

– Tango & Sten

03.05.06 23:25
Stuck with u… At least for a while..
Hece and Don Onni are currently stuck in the San Fransisco airport due to the fact that their connectionflight to LA has been cancelled.. And if the luck of Team Tango continues then propably their luggage is on its way to Vanuatu or Timbuktu :)
More info when we find out what’s the next move..

Update: The flight wasn’t cancelled after all, only delayed.
But the bags, they’re on their way to Fresno :)
All the securitychecks have gone well though; “you’re going to gumball, wow man!!” :D

-Hece & Don Onni

03.05.06 22:33
Touchdown USA
Team Tangos supportcrew has finally landed to the land of the free
and the home of the brave, US of A.
Hece and Don Onni will set things up there while Tango and Sten are
exploring Thailand in their pick-up.

-Hece & Don Onni

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