Beany started the day off in a friends car which broke down with engine trouble, then he had to change back into the Lambo. We were running with adam in his white Lambo when the road became bumpy Adam’s car took off and landed 40 feet down the road

When I hit the bump i was just overtaking so when i hit the bump the car was at an angle so took off and landed thru the trees and the car came to rest at an angle in the car park of a bar

Pete says:
the car looks like it was parked there despite the damage, we are now having a few beers in the bar. Adam has since carried on and all is fine another Lambo has crashed 40 miles up the road, again all ok

we have a ride back to Pukhet with the ferrari guys and lambo lads I have chartered a private jet to take all 7 of us to Bankok then back on the planes, I have a ferrari F430 sat on the runway in saltlake city.

will keep you posted



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