Video: POV Drive in BMW M3 Lime Rock Park Edition

Ever wondered what it’s like behind the wheel of a rare BMW M3 Lime Rock Park Edition? Well, wonder no more as Winding Road on YouTube have just released the following POV video showcasing some intoxicating driving in the BMW M3 Lime Rock Park Edition.

While the following video primarily features highway driving at or below the speed limit, the brutal exhaust note produced by the 4.2-liter V8 engine is featured prominently under heavy acceleration numerous times throughout the following video. Additionally, the clip includes some full throttle standing start accelerations in the BMW M3 Lime Rock Park Edition!

Just 200 units of the BMW M3 Lime Rock Park Edition were produced from mid-2012 and the car features a selection of changes not featured on the standard BMW M3 coupe. First and foremost, the BMW M3 Lime Rock Park Edition features a bright orange paint scheme dubbed Fire Orange as well as a carbon fiber composite roof.

The BMW M3 Lime Rock Park Edition then comes standard with BMW’s Competition Package which adds a lightweight Inconel-titanium exhaust, redesigned and improved carbon fiber front and rear spoilers as well as an Alcantara covered racing-inspired steering wheel.

The BMW M3 Lime Rock Park Edition was created by BMW in collaboration with the owners of the Lime Rock Park racing complex in the United States.

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