Yes, I agree that from reading the title of this article you’ll be asking yourself “Why drag a 350hp 1M Coupe against a 600+hp SpeedArt BTR600 Porsche 911 Turbo, isn’t the result obvious?” A 350hp vs 350hp battle, or a 600hp vs 600hp drag race may have been much closer, but this is still a thrilling drag racing video and well worth watching!

Well, even though the result may be obvious, it still doesn’t detract from what is a thrilling race. Sure the SpeedArt tuned 911 may walk away with the victory, but it’s interesting to see just how much faster a car with 600hp is compared to one with 350hp. Add to that the fact that one is all-wheel drive and the other is rear-wheel drive, and it begins to seem as though the BMW 1M Coupe actually did quite an impressive job.

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