Now this video is something you can definitely put in the column of things you’d never expect to see in a lifetime. Road & Track’s West Coast Editor Jason Cammisa, recently took the Tesla model S out for a road test and during the process, he decided to do a burnout in the electric sedan and the results can be seen below.

For a car designed to protect the planet by reducing most if not all carbon emissions, polluting the atmosphere with toxic tire smoke goes against all logic and is somewhat ironic. Nevertheless, it does make for an interesting 22 second video as we’ve never seen or heard for that matter, a car performing a burnout with not even the slightest bit of engine noise or an exhaust note being heard. All you can hear is the screech of rubber against tarmac.

As a quick reminder, the top of the range Tesla Model S produces an impressive 416hp and 600Nm of constant torque due to its rear-mounted electric engine. Combine this with the rear-wheel drive system and you actually have the perfect recipe for donuts galore!

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