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Motori & Sapori Supercar Meeting near Modena

Motori & Sapori is an annual supercar meeting that takes place around the middle of March each year in the commune of Castelfranco Emilia...

10th Italian Supercar Meeting Motori & Sapori

Like every year, at the end of March one of the biggest annual supercar meetings is held exclusively for Italian cars. The event is...

Video: Ferrari 458 Italia Burnout

The following footage shows a 458 Italia doing a burnout during the 2011 Motori & Sapori event in Italy. In Castelfranco Emilia (Modena), every...

Motori & Sapori 2010 – Lamborghini Special

Italy is home to the nicest supercars but also to the best supercar events. About a week ago we showed you the first video...