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Video L4P SLR777 Sets New Quarter Mile World Record Time

Video: L4P SLR777 Sets New Quarter Mile World Record Time

The RennTech powered Mercedes SLR dubbed L4P SLR777 set a new quarter mile world record time for a Mercedes-powered Mercedes-Benz by running a 9.76...

Official: L4P SLR777 – World’s Fastest SLR

Luxury4Play has released an unique present for us all, the world's fastest SLR. Nicknamed the L4P SLR777 it is the only Mercedes-Benz McLaren SLR...

Photo Of The Day: Supercars in Bahrain

Not one but four unique supercars are shown in the photo of the day. From left to right we see the Lamborghini Reventon, Bugatti...

Mansory SLR Renovatio Roadster Gemballa?

This Mansory SLR Renovatio based on the McLaren SLR Roadster had us guessing for a while. Not only is this probably the only SLR...

Mansory Renovatio SLR

At the Geneva Auto Show Mansory showed it's matt gold Renovatio SLR. A full evolution of engine, exterior and interior resulted in a eye-catching...