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$160K Porsche Panamera Camera car Spotted in Hollywood

$160K Porsche Panamera Camera Car Spotted in Hollywood

Porsche’s Cayenne SUV has long been a favourite for films crews all around the world who can use its size to store camera equipment,...

Bullrun 2012 Begins This Saturday on Hollywood Boulevard

Over 100 cars will line up in front of the Dolby Theatre (previously called the Kodak Theatre) in Los Angeles on Saturday, June 23rd...

Vorsteiner Porsche Panamera Turbo by Al & Ed’s Hollywood

Vorsteiner has released their latest collaboration with Al & Ed’s located in Hollywood, California. The project shown here is based on a 2011 Black...

Ferrari F430 crash at Nicholas Cage’s movie set

Two pedestrians got injured in a car crash on the set of "The Sorcerer’s Apprentice", Nicolas Cage's latest movie. In the video below you...