Two pedestrians got injured in a car crash on the set of “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice”, Nicolas Cage’s latest movie. In the video below you can clearly see that the Ferrari slid of the road due to a combination of speed and wet roads. Besides hitting two pedestrians, the Ferrari also crashed into a restaurant and a light pole. We knew that Nicolas Cage has a weakness for fast cars, but luckely he wasn’t driving the Ferrari himself at the moment of the crash. Scroll down for the video!

Nicolas Cage:

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  1. Hey nicolas cage can drive himself better than most stunt men they should just have him drive. he drove eleanor in gone in 60 sec because he could do it faster than the stuntmen could so it’s actually him driving the whole movie through, maybe not the jump over the ambulance but everything else

  2. poor driving skills as i can see. locking up wheels? wtf. at least they should employ professinals for scenes like this.


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